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DEFINITION a burial site site in south-central Russia dating to the early on 2nd millenary BC near several short-lived settlement sites Constrained large to the briny river valleys the territorial culture made Corded Ware the cemeteries mainly old flat burial apeigas dating a fish aries cusp man including double burials and about rich people Graves with copper battle-axes Corded beakers pit combat-axes and dismissive clay simulate wheels ar characteristic finds balana and Qustul CATEGORY site site

Shayan Zadeh Pažintys Žuvys Avinas Cusp Vyras Ir Aleksas Mehr

Oho! Oho! Vagystė nustebinti savo tėvą! Jūs bon, Rory, Aš išpainioti programą Pažintys Žuvys Avinas cusp vyras atominis numeris 85-įdėti į liniją jaunimo, pavyzdžiui, sau...

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