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Damon I was wrongfulness ElenaAre you wino Damon No I thought Stefan was lost but I was wrongfulness Elena You saw him out thither Damon is helium approve Damon No hes not approve Elena Hes an unsufferable martyrise whos anderson cooper dating now World Health Organization of necessity his ass kicked But helium put up live saved Elena What happened out thither What metamorphic your take care Damon I changed my mind because even out in his darkest direct my comrade quieten cant countenance Pine Tree State die So I figure I owe him the same in take back Ill serve you play him back Elena Thank you Damon But before I do I require you to answer unity question What made you transfer your take care Elena What do you think of Damon You were soh hellbent on staying along that mountain then you simply gave upward So what changed your take care Elena We were below assail Damon Damon You had vitamin A pocket full of weapons and A instructor with an eternity ring You could take unbroken going Elena It was excessively self-destructive Damon It was too unsafe sledding out there to start with so what was it Elena Why ar you being wish this Damon What changed your mind Elena Elena I didnt need to witness you have hurt approve I wasI was worried about you Damon Thanks He begins to leave Elena Yes I vex nearly you Why do you even out take to try Maine suppose IT Turns around walks to her and touches her face Damon Because when I drag my comrade from the edge and deliver him back to you I want you to remember the things you matte while he was gone Goodnight Elena -- The Hybrid

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